How to Find the Best Sitter for Your Pet

15 Oct

Pet owners became very worried when they have to leave their animals for an extended period of time to attend to a business or even a family vacation. The other option you have is to seek the services of a pet sitter to provide company to the animal at home. This is especially true if you don't want to purchase boarding kennels. It is tough to know who is the right person for the job because of the significant growth of the business. Below are tips to follow if you want a qualified sitter.

Ask for references. This is the first step to take if you want to get nothing but the best sitter. Ask around from friends, relatives, coworkers and veterinary officers for names they highly prefer for sitting services. There are also associations like Pet Sitters International and National Association of Professional Pet Sitters  that are a valuable resource to pet owners. The firms issue, certificates, to pet sitters upon successful completion of training in sitting animals. With the internet today, you can search for agencies and individuals in the yellow pages.

Inquire about the professional qualifications of a sitter. Obtain the services of a sitter who is comfortable with the requirements of the pet. Having some professional training is an added advantage because it enables you detect a problem early enough and even how to react to an emergency situation. Having some training also enables the sitter deal with special needs of the pet. Because of the experience you obtain as a result of dealing with many pets you know how to respond in many scenarios. Require the pet sitter to present certificates to show they are qualified to deal with pets. Find additional information by clicking this link!

Compare various prices being charged. The cost of pet sitting is determined by an individual or an agency hence it varies. The cost is also determined by other factors like the kind of animal, its needs, etc. Analyse the components of each price and obtain the right package for your dog will love it. Even though a sitter may be charging slightly higher, opt for her services if you particularly like the person. Once you have agreed on the cost, make sure you get a contract in writing.

Request the pet sitter to visit your home. After identifying possible targets for the job, request to meet up with them in your premises. In the course of the interview, determine how the pet likes a potential candidate. Go ahead and ask the sitter what kind of services they provide since not everyone likes to take dogs on a walk, stay up all night and such other things. Also ascertain if they have a number to call in case of an emergency requiring veterinary attention.

Confirm if the sitter has insurance. It is advised that you engage the services of a sitter with a reliable insurance cover.

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